Saturday, May 28, 2011

Arrival in Eldoret

6am never seemed so early!  Got up and cleaned up this morning early to make time for breakfast before our journey to Eldoret.  Our driver arrived at 7am and we made our way to the airport.  The city of Nairobi is MUCH different during the day.  There were thousands of people walking the streets and the city was bussling.  As we reached the outskirts of the city we were able to see just how large and sprawling Nairobi is as it stretched as far as the eye could see.  We also were able to see the poverty that is prevalent throughout the outter city limits, which was very difficult to see as there were thousands of people huddled in the slums ... which triggered many emotions and left us quiet the rest of the way to the airport. 

Upon arriving at the airport we checked in and were able to catch an early flight to Eldoret.  The country side from the view of the window seat was beautiful.  Rolling hills, forests and farms as far as the eye could see.  We were met by our driver at the airport and headed for the AMPATH IU House ... our home for the next 10 weeks.  The compound is in a nicer part of town and we immediately felt welcome as the guards and staff are all extremely friendly and hospitable.  We checked into our room (which I will post pics of later) and met with one of our primary contacts, Benjamin, for a quick orientation.  We then headed into the city with Benjamin and bought Kenyan Shillings and cell phone minutes to get us started.  Rather than make our new friend drive us back to the facility we decided to walk around and to gain our bearings and figure out the path home.  The city was alive with shops/vendors and people running their weekend errands.  20 minutes later we arrived home and settled into our room.

After a brief rest we headed back to the main house to grab some lunch.  Everyone we meet has been very friendly and helpful, including our new Swahili tutor.  We met Wycliffe at the house and within a half hour we began our first lesson!  It's a beautiful language and I hope to have some basics down before I depart. 

I am off to enjoy the beautiful 75F clear skied sunny weather we have today.  Kwa herini(goodbye/bless you everyone)!

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