Thursday, July 14, 2011

Kenya Keep Up - Update

Jambo, Jambo!

I hope the posts have been entertaining.  Unfortunately, I have not been posting as much as I’d like … driven by an increased work load and spotty internet connectivity as we’ve entered the rainy season.  At this point in the year we have beautiful, crisp mornings reminiscent of early fall mornings in New England …which turn to sunny, clear and dry afternoons with temperatures hovering around 75-80 …followed by late afternoon and evening thunderstorms which provide torrential downpours and are host to some of the most impressive thunder I’ve ever witnessed. Unfortunately, this weather has a habit of frequently knocking out the power and internet.

I wanted to make a brief clarification on my blogging.  I’ve been asked by a few folks to take photos of the ubiquitous poverty in the region and blog about my experiences in interacting with the local people on a personal and professional level.  I want to make it clear that the purpose of this blog is NOT to focus on the socio-economic conditions or to point out all that is sad, bad or screwed up with the region.  There is far too much good and beautiful in the region to focus on the negatives.  My intention for this blog was and is to provide an update on my travels and share with anyone interested how beautiful and welcoming Kenya is as a country.  Upon my return, I will be more than happy to discuss in person my personal and professional experiences along with my social and economic evaluation.

I hope you continue to follow along and I look forward to sharing many more stories and photos with everyone upon my return!

Siku Njema!!

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